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Metal profiles and accessories for walking surfaces and supports: agriculture and transport

A wide range of high-quality metal profiles and accessories designed specifically for walking surfaces and supports in the agricultural and transport sectors. Our metal profiles, which can be made in stainless steel, are ideal for every requirement in the agricultural sector. Thanks to their ease of installation and versatility, these products strictly comply with current regulations and provide safety and confidence for the worker in the field. 

Walkways for silos and agricultural installations

Whether they are walkways for agricultural facilities, such as silo stairs, or loading and unloading platforms, Abagrigliati metal profiles provide a solid foundation for day-to-day work in the agricultural and transportation environment. Each of these products, distinguished by their non-slip embossing, is easy to apply and easily adapts to the required situation. 

Vehicles platform

In the transport sector, Abagrigliati produces specially designed metal profiles for vehicles platforms. The safety of the operator always comes first, therefore machine platforms feature a reliable and durable non-slip surface, ensuring a safe and secure working environment. 

Rungs for tankers and silos

Metal rungs for silos vertical ladders or cage vertical ladders must be designed to meet specific industry requirements. The rungs have an anti-slip perforation, which further increases grip during ascent and descent, providing a reliable and durable solution for safe and comfortable access. 

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