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Tailor-made projects

Every customer has different needs and requirements. This is why Abagrigliati offers custom solutions and carries out talior-made projects, following the customer’s specifications. We believe that the product must be adapted to the needs of the company, and not vice versa.
Moreover, all Abagrigliati products are designed to guarantee the highest safety standards. In addition to the certifications required by law, we subject our products to additional Italian and international guarantees, as we are convinced that there is no quality without reliability.

Delivery of finished product

We care about each of our projects. That’s why all materials are delivered made-to-measure and ready-to-use, in order to optimise logistical costs and speed up preparation for our customers.
For delivery, Abagrigliati products are loaded inside the premises, never exposed to the elements. This maintains high quality standards and prevents damage from external sources.


In Abagrigliati you will find professionals able to listen and understand your needs. Thanks to our in-house technical department, a specialised team will carry out an analysis to identify your needs, managing each order ad hoc to create the product that best reflects your requirements.