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Abagrigliati: the new dynamometer for products loading capacity measurement

Abagrigliati has recently equipped itself with a certified dynamometer to carry out dynamometric tests with which to measure the loading capacity of its products, simulating their actual conditions of use.

Why the dynamometer
The electromechanical dynamometer is an instrument that uses a load cell to measure the force applied. Using the new certified dynamometer, at Abagrigliati we are able to carry out tests to measure the load capacity of our products, thus verifying the effectiveness of the metal profiles, simulating their real conditions of use according to the customer’s specifications.

Example of dynamometer application
Example of dynamometer application

The advantages of dynamometric tests

Tests performed on products manufactured by Abagrigliati are verified by a qualified technician and follow standardised procedures.
The main advantages of performing dynamometer tests include:

  • possibility of proving to the customer (and consequently possibility for the customer to prove to his own) the structural reliability of the products requested
  • possibility for the customer to provide their customer with specific technical documentation, which is very important in the case of customised products
  • ability to optimise supply: dynamometric tests make it possible to identify the ideal profiles for the required conditions of use, saving on raw materials and avoiding unnecessary oversizing, which leads to increased costs.

At Abagrigliati we have been working for more than 40 years in the metal profile production sector: a solid experience that is renewed day after day, always at the service of the customer’s needs.

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