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The GE 400 profile by Abagrigliati for the “Strada del Re” Bridge

Avis, the Tibetan bridge located on the “Strada del Re – Valli del Pasubio,” represents a project of significant importance for tourism development and the requalification of the Va.Po.Re. trail.

This accomplishment, involving the municipalities of Valli del Pasubio, Posina, and Recoaro, has facilitated the reopening of the Campogrosso Loop, which was completely inaccessible due to a landslide, compromising the continuity of the “Strada del Re.” The construction of the footbridge, dedicated to the Avis Section of Schio, plays a fundamental role in overcoming this obstacle, offering a practical and safe solution for hikers and visitors.

Abagrigliati has made an important contribution by providing the necessary materials in a very short time for the construction of the footbridge, in close collaboration with Valfer SpA.

The installation, measuring 105 meters in length and reaching a maximum height of 35 meters, is an impressive structure entirely made of steel. To ensure stability and prevent oscillations, demonstrating great attention to detail and safety, anti-wind ropes have been installed.

For this solution, Abagrigliati chose to use the GE 400 profile, with a thickness of 2.0 mm, made of hot-dip galvanized steel, to provide the necessary robustness to withstand environmental stresses and ensure durability over time.

Constant commitment to sustainability

Abagrigliati’s contribution to such an important project confirms its reputation as a company committed to promoting environmental and social sustainability. The collaboration with the Avis Section of Schio for the creation of this footbridge symbolizes the combination of technical expertise and sensitivity to the territory, highlighting the positive impact that local companies can have on promoting tourism development and enhancing natural and cultural heritage.

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