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Metal profiles and steps for flooring and steps: civil engineering and carpentry

A wide range of high quality metal profiles and steps for flooring and steps, covering both civil and carpentry. Products designed for safety and reliability, the result of rigorous safety tests. They are available in different materials, depending on the specific needs of the site and the external agents to which they will be exposed. In addition, their ease of assembly makes them the ideal option for any installation situation. 

Walkways for civil use

Specific metal profiles for pedestrian and cycle footbridges, walkways and ramps, designed with an anti-fall embossing to ensure maximum safety during transit. Different types of profiles can be chosen, in order to have the most suitable material according to the specific surrounding conditions. 

Special walkways for civil use

Metal profiles for ‘special projects’ such as Tibetan bridges and walkways in natural environments. Maximum safety is guaranteed through materials that not only meet structural requirements, which are fundamental for carpentry, but also aesthetic requirements, such as corten steel. 

Fire escape stairs in the civil sector

In the civil and carpentry sector, it is important to use fire escape stairs equipped with metal steps with a non-slip tread. Abagrigliati metal gratings are designed with anti-panic and anti-slip features to ensure safety in emergency situations. 

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