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New high visibility step front profile: Abagrigliati at the service of safety

The need to comply with increasingly stringent safety regulations has led many companies, especially those in the logistics sector, to look for specific solutions for the correct marking of stair treads in their operational facilities.

One of the most common solutions is the installation of stairs, especially in warehouses, whose steps have an obvious colour difference on the front edge. It is therefore a kind of step with a step marker, to highlight and clearly signal the difference in height between one tread and the next.

Stairs can, in fact, prove to be a dangerous element if not appropriately signalled, especially in a work context.

Abagrigliati builds and produces pressed sheet metal steps that are used in staircases of different types and in different contexts of use. Precisely in order to respond to the needs of some customers, who were initially looking for buffering measures to adapt their staircases, resulting in impractical and ineffective systems, Abagrigliati launched a feasibility study on the subject.

The result of the study was the development of the new AV36 (High Visibility 36 mm) step front profile, to be applied to the front edge of the step. This profile is characterised by its particular robustness and proves to be extremely effective, distinguished by:

  • chromatic highlighting of the step
  • aesthetic highlighting of the height difference
  • anti-slip improvement
  • possibility of installation on existing stair treads
  • possibility of replacement in the event of usage and/or damage
  • possibility of colour differentiation

The AV36 step front available from stock is usually made painted YELLOW RAL 1003, in standard sizes, for 800, 900, 1000, 1100, 1200 and 1500 mm steps, or in galvanised 3000 mm rods, which can be cut and subsequently painted, in the case of special lengths.

Would you like to know more technical details about high visibility step front profiles or Abagrigliati solutions for profiles, flooring or steps?

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