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New LB 150 profile for cycle and pedestrian walkways: best non-slip grip

For the construction of some bridges on cycle and pedestrian walkways, in which the transit of emergency vehicles is also foreseen, we at Abagrigliati were faced with the request to produce a reinforced profile that would meet the requirements of NTC 2018 – DM 17 January 2018 § load scheme 4 for bridges – gangways (10 kN on load cast mt 0.1×0.1).

Given the particular need, we have concentrated our efforts on creating a product with an excellent non-slip grip, complying with all regulatory requirements and characterised by a lower cost than previous solutions (generally welded profiles). For this profile, we also ensure that both accessories and fastening systems are compatible with current standards.

The LB profile type is the ideal answer, developed by us, for the context just described; this product, characterised by an excellent aesthetic finish, guarantees a remarkable anti-slip grip tested R12 (R13 if corten steel) according to DIN 51130.

A simple and complete solution

Numerous customers, after presentations and product tests, have expressed appreciation for the grip and ‘comfort’ characteristics to treading (already adopted for disabled ramps) of this profile.

Following specific evaluations and analyses, we chose to develop the LB profile with a thickness of 3 mm, with section 150 but without the application of a reinforcement, thus obtaining a simpler, more usable and cost-effective solution.

We highlight below the key points around which the realisation of this solution was focused:

  • Regulatory requirements fully met
  • Faster construction without welding
  • Simplier coding and faster realisation
  • Installation according to established standards
  • More favourable price

The result of these special features is materialised in the LB PROFILE 150X59X3 WITH NO ALI SLOTS, valid up to span of 850 mm, moulded and cold-shaped, made from S355 steel sheet.

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