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Metal profiles and racks: warehouse and storage area

A wide range of metal products to optimise storage operations in warehouses. These metal profiles are characterised by their exceptional portability and simple but extraordinarily effective application. In addition, you can compose the metal structure according to your needs. These solutions are ideal for multi-storey metal racking and for rackings that have to withstand heavy loads. 

Metal racking for warehouses

Profiles and rackings specially designed to optimise storage and organisation in warehouses. These products are characterised by their ease of installation and exceptional portability, making them ideal solutions for warehouse racking. 

Floorings for Hand Pallet Trucks

Innovative mezzanines floorings for hand pallet trucks are the ideal choice for optimising available space and maximising warehouse capacity. Thanks to their intelligent design and functionality, these profiles make the most of the warehouse height, creating additional storage space. 

Crosspiece for pallets

Crosspieces are specially designed to facilitate the storage of containers, pallets and other load units. Their robust and reliable construction allows efficient organisation and stacking of materials, maximising the use of available warehouse space. 

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